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October 2012 Camping Newsletter



3 Festive Troop Activities for the Fall!

1) Pumpkin Carving with a Twist! Excite your troop with a normal Halloween activity that incorporates some of the outdoor adventure that makes Boy Scouting distinct from some of the other parts of your scouts’ lives. Venture Crew 130, for example, spent last Halloween doing their pumpkin carving 20 feet underwater at Camp Emerald Bay!

2) Staffing a Haunted House is a great way to help the community while getting into the Halloween spirit. Many local community centers will begin for volunteers for their mazes soon, or your troop could build and staff your own in your neighborhood. Make sure to pick a scary theme!

3) A Seasonal-themed Cooking Merit Badge can help your scouts apply merit badge skills to their own home. For better or worse, the Holiday season is the time when eating is the center of the party. Incorporate treat recipes or thanksgiving side dishes into a cooking merit badge activity over several meetings.

Whitsett Pack Weekend Aims to Increase Pack Unity

Camp Whitsett has just opened up registration for the 2013 Memorial Day Pack Weekend. This event is structured to help Packs develop into better units through structured activities that Packs can participate in together. They will conduct their own campfires (with staff help) and participate in Pack v. Pack games that increase group unity and loyalty. Cub Scouts and Webelos can spend their days fishing, boating, or shooting BB Guns and Archery for beltloops. Parnets can get involved, too, as scouts cheer them on in the High Cope Ropes Course and Shotgun shooting. Register online now here to get in to this event, which will be capped at 10 packs to maintain a high quality camping experience.

Leftover Alchemy, Cheese Bomb Recipe

Any scout leader can attest that camp cooking involves lots of improvising, especially after a few days on the trail. Feel free to use this recipe (and substitute ingredients, as your situation dictates) for a decadent treat on your next outing. This meal was prepared using an Optimus Solo Cook System Backpacking stove, the GSI Bugaboo Cooking set, and a Cascadian Mess Kit all of which you can find at the WLACC Scout Store.

Ingredients: (4 servings)

  • 4 to 6 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 6 cups Instant mashed potato mix
  • 1 block Cheddar Cheese (or cheese of your choice)
  • 1 red onion (or other seasoning).
  • 1 bowl of bread crumbs

Boil 4 cups of water in a small backpacking pot. Once boiling, add 6 cups instant mashed potato. Mix potatoes, making sure that they remain fluffy. If powdery, add water and continue mixing. Add desired seasoning to potatoes (the author prefers garlic, pepper, and Italian seasoning, but go wild!). Cut cheese into small, bit-sized cubes. In another pot, add oil and begin simmering. For each “cheese bomb” cover a cheese cube with mashed potato, and coat in bread crumbs. Then fry over high heat until bomb is crisp and brown around its exterior. Enjoy with good company. Safety note:  Backpacking stoves have an open flame that can be difficult to see. Make sure that when lighting your stove, you tell those around you and that you keep your cooking supplies by your side so that you are not tempted to reach over the flame. Bon apetit!

Rugged Rescue Reigns Supreme           

Camp Emerald Bay introduced a new program this summer for those SCUBA divers interested in a challenging and fun way to deepen their knowledge and ability to respond to diving emergencies. Rugged “Rescue,” a PADI Rescue Diver Certification, trains advanced divers to respond to diving-specific emergencies with search and rescue exercises, emergency oxygen administration, and buddy rescue techniques, all of which divers practice in real-life scenarios using every resource that Emerald Bay has to offer. Rescue divers this year also made a trip to the Hyperbaric Chamber at the nearby Wrigley Center, where they learned about dive medicine from the pioneer researchers in the field and experienced the remarkable effects of pressure on their bodies in a chamber test dive. More information here.

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