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Camping Newsletter March 2013


Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout Viewing Contest

Is your troop tuning in to Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout this Monday at 5 PM or 10 PM? Let us know that you are by checking in on Facebook and Twitter. You can check-in on Facebook by checking in to Camp Whitsett (the real-life setting of the show) and on Twitter by tweeting us with a hashtag with your troop number (@CampWhitsett #Troop001). The troop that gets the most individual check-in’s over the season will win a visit to their troop meeting from participants of the show to discuss their experience. Also, during each episode of the show you can share comments and observations about the episode with Scouts and adults from the show as well as camp staff familiar with the terrain the competitions take place in.


Howard Schwartz, 44, is an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 642 in Calabasas, CA, who has seen his two sons through the entire Cub Scout program and into Boy Scouts. Howard, however, never got the opportunity to do Boy Scouts because, as his mother told him when he had asked to join as a child, “Jewish boys don’t do Scouts.” He has watched his sons go become Boy Scouts with a chip on his shoulder because he had never had the opportunity to put himself to the test as a young man. Last Spring, however, Howard got the chance to see if he was Tougher Than a Boy Scout when he was cast in the pilot episode of the show after responding to a casting call for adults who had never been able to participate in Scouting as kids but wished they could have. Read More...

Provisional Camping

If a Scout in your troop is unable to join his troop for a week at Summer Camp, he will be missing a major part of the Boy Scout Program. Fortunately, Scouts who cannot attend with their troops or would like to spend an additional week at camp can attend as “Provisional Campers.” Provisional Scouts will be joined to a troop that is already in camp or a troop made up entirely of other Scouts who have not attended with their Troop. Provisional Campers will make friends with Scouts from other troops, learn independence, and earn their merit badges and rank advancements. Camp will make sure that Scouts receive adequate adult supervision from other troop leaders and staff. Provisional Scout Camping is available at Emerald Bay, Whitsett, and Josepho Boy Scout Programs by registering through the normal link. Don't miss out on this cornerstone of the Boy Scout Program!

Arborist Weekend at Josepho

The Western Los Angeles County Council also has a very exciting opportunity for Scouts wanting to complete the Forestry Merit Badge. Located at Camp Josepho March 15-17, you will learn about the various native and non-native species growing in the Malibu canyons, as well as meet with professional local arborists. You can also register and receive volunteer service hours if you already have the merit badge. Sign up now! Parents are welcome to join the fun as well. Register here!

Sustainability Video at Emerald Bay

In case you did not know, the creators of the Sustainability Merit Badge looked closely at the environmental programs and measures that we have taken on at Camp Emerald Bay to see how water conservation, waste management, sustainable gardening and alternative energy could integrate with wider Scouting programs. Therefore, the merit badge will be introduced at the Jamboree with a video at Emerald Bay that illustrates how sustainability has become part of our camp culture. A film crew came out to camp last weekend to film the video, which features some of our former Ecology and Conservation Directors as well as BHG, the Environmental Consulting firm that has helped us create our program. Read more...