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November 2013 Camping Newsletter


Trailer for the 2013 Josepho Movie Camp

The Camp Josepho staff got together to create a promotional video that describes how fun and exciting our Webelos and Boy Scout Movie Camps can be. Watch what they put together and show it to your pack or troop to see what you can look forward to at the Webelos Movie Camp, Cinematography Experience, and Game Design, Programming and Robotics Merit Badge Cluster.

Save the Date: Camp Whitsett is on Nat Geo!

Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout will premier on March 4th, 8PM PST/EST on the National Geographic channel. Read more here about highlights and what to expect.

 More New Faces at Emerald Bay

We introduced you last month to some of the new faces in our Camping Department that you will meet this year up at Camp Whitsett and Camp Emerald Bay. We are very proud to add to the ranks a few more team members who have joined us in the new year. Get to know the Emerald Bay Management Team.

Get Involved In The Whitsett Nature Center

Camp Whitsett is breaking ground this Spring on a project to overhaul the nature center to make it a better interactive classroom space as well as a museum and display area. The new lodge will be divided into four sections, Natural History, Living History, Environmental Science and Astronomy, that will allow classes and displays to share an indoor-outdoor space opening up to the surrounding Sequoias. The lodge will also preserve the history of Camp Whitsett and the memory of Camp Wolverton though photographic exhibits and displays of artifacts from the long history at the two camps. We need your help assembling parts of the exhibit and making this renovation work. See how you can contribute to the project through contributions or with specific objects for the center here.

Forestry Merit Badge Weekend

Join us at our annual Arborist Weekend at Camp Joespho during the weekend of March 15-17. We will be offering the Forestry Merit Badge to any Scouts who want to participate, an  Food and lodging is covered in the $45.00 registration cost. Come learn about arboriculture from real environmental professionals, and earn the merit badge while doing so! Register here!

Recipe: Beyond Classic Cobbler

Every Scout has made the classic peach cobbler. But Scoutmasters, Staff, and enterprising scouts have developed over the years an abundance of substitutions and alterations to the classic recipe that make it their own. Try these out on your next Cobbler to spice things up!

Base Cobbler Recipe

  • 2 cans sliced Peaches in syrup
  • 2-3 cups yellow cake mix (depending on consistency wanted)
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon

Butter Dutch Oven cooking surface. Drain half of the syrup from the canned peaches. Add yellow cake mix, brown sugar, and cinnamon to canned peaches and mix into a batter. Add to dutch oven. Sprinkle additional mix over the top layer before closing oven and putting coals on top. Cook until top layer is crispy and inside moist.


  • Use Sprite or 7-Up instead of Peach Syrup in batter.
  • Slice Fresh Peaches on top layer for crispy fruit topping.
  • Substitute other fruits such as Cherry or Blackberry.
  • Add Chocolate to batter or chocolate chips in the topping.
  • Crumble Chocolate Chip Cookies or Graham Crakers over crispy topping for a cruchy texture on top layer.

 Be creative, and try new things as well!

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