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Camp Emerald Bay is on the forefront of sustainable iniatives and technology. We recognize that in our delicate island environment. Our success as a facility on a desert island depends heavily on how effectively we use limited resources like water and energy. Thanks to our conservation, education, and sustaainable development efforts, we were featured in the new Eagle-rquired Sustainability merit badge. Check out the measures that we have taken to lower our impact on Catalina's delicate ecosystem, and use the worksheets below as you work on the Sustainability Merit Badge on your own!


Emerald Bay Sustainability Video


2014 BSA Sustainability Report

John F. Stewart, Sustainability Director 

We in Scouting are intent on helping our members move from leaving no trace to leaving a positive legacy. We are working hard to integrate sustainability at every level of our organization and are committed to developing the next generation of responsible leaders. 

To further that goal, attached is our inaugural sustainability report and presents our first attempt to define what sustainability means to the BSA. In this report, we highlight some of the great things that are happening at the national and local council level and outline a five-year timeline for our sustainability efforts. It is designed to start a dialogue about the meaning of sustainability and how we can develop a vision for the future.  

Camp Emerald Bay's efforts are mentioned on page 14 of the report. 

2014 BSA Sustainability Report



Sustainability Worksheets

How to Conduct a Waste Audit   (View Online)    (Download)

Waste Audit Spreadseet

Examples of Repurposed Items   (View Online)    (Download)

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint (View Online)    (Download)


Emerald Bay's Sustainability Initiatives 

Energy Conservation

Sustainable Housing

Waste, Recycling, and Compost

Water Conservation


Tools and Links

Carbon Footprint Calculator

UHG Consulting