Rugged SCUBA

2022 Registration Open

Rugged ‘S’ and Scuba Merit Badge: Looking for a new merit badge that will reward you with a lifetime of opportunity? The Boy Scouts of American have introduced a program for Scuba that will allow Scouts aged 12 and up to earn their PADI open water certification and the Scuba merit badge. Spend the week exploring one of the world’s top diving spots and learning a skill that will last a lifetime!

Rugged Ocean

2022 Registration Open

Rugged ‘O’: As Rugged Oceanographers, you will learn and practice advanced dive techniques including search and recovery dives, while completing your PADI Advanced Open Water Certification. Combining the resources of the Pennington Marine Science Center and the vast Pacific Ocean surrounding the Island, you will study the complex underwater ecosystems up close and personal!

Rugged Rescue

Rugged ‘R’: If you are an experienced diver looking for the next step in your diving evolution, Rugged Rescue is the perfect program for you. This PADI Rescue Diver Certification will sharpen your comfort and ability in the water as you design and implement an Emergency Action Plan, practice the basics of dive medicine and advanced diver-specific first aid, and coordinate team rescue drills in a popular diving environment. Call us to register for Rugged Rescue, 818 933-0130.