Welcome to Emerald Bay, the Gem of Catalina Island!

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Camp Emerald Bay is the premier destination for your summer camp experience.  We have an exceptional Traditional Summer Camp and High Adventure Program for the entire troop or a lone adventurer.

We hope to make the registration process as easy and efficient as possible for you.

If you have any issues with registration please email camping@bsa-la.org or call 818-933-0130. Also, please make sure to visit our Camper Information page regularly for updated informational material.


Cub-Family Weekends

March 27th - 29th, 2015 or

October 23rd - 25th, 2015

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You can still sign up! Camp Emerald Bay is a prime spot for any Cub Scout Pack or family to explore. Experience everything Catalina has to offer at Camp Emerald Bay when you take part in our Cub Pack Family Weekend.


Our all-inclusive package allows for a taste of every adventure, whether it is kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, archery, belt loops or a competition to challenge your skills. The weekend is sure to have something for everyone. Bring your friends and family!


Camp Emerald Bay Arborist Weekend & Forestry Merit Badge

March 13 - March 15, 2015 

The Western Los Angeles County Council invites Scouts and Scouters (no siblings please) to a weekend of learning about and helping the environment. The merit badge will be offered to Scouts who fully participate in this weekend’s work projects and observations. Scouts and adults are asked to help with work projects. Fees are minimal to reflect the contribution made to camp. This merit badge will give you the opportunity to learn more about the management of forestry. Qualified professional staff and counselors will be teaching this merit badge.

This program includes fieldwork, short lectures and observations of nature in Emerald Bay. The sign-offs will be done on Sunday morning and Scouts must be in full uniform.  Scouts, who prepare and commit themselves, should complete the merit badge requirements.


View of Emerald Bay

Camp Emerald Bay, located on scenic Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California, has a program for everybody. We serve over 7,000 people in one year with a variety of opportunities both fun and educational. Our Fall and Spring programs are exceptionally diverse, providing opportunities for YMCA groups, Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops, Cub Scout Packs, club fundraisers, family get-togethers, and even the occasional wedding!

We are committed to providing experiences that build character, foster citizenship, and provide for personal growth through challenging and stimulating programs.

Our summertime opportunities are centered on programs for the Boy Scouts of America. We recognize the value of summer camp as a catalyst to fulfill the goals and aspirations established by your troop's leadership. As such, we want to play an active role in fulfilling your troop’s needs. Older scouts can explore the island in new ways within our Rugged Adventurers Program and develop leadership skills in our Senior Patrol Leader Program.

Thank you for your interest in Camp Emerald Bay! We hope to see you soon!