Getting to Camp

“Travel to camp for weekend programs will be arranged while making your reservation.
Traveling to camp for summer camp
Camp Emerald Bay Loading Instructions for Summer Participants

  1. From LA on the Southbound 110 Harbor Freeway you’ll exit right (South) on Harbor Blvd.
  2. Turn left at First street traffic signal to enter parking lot (First Street) IOWA parking.
  3. Cross tracks then turn right and follow parking lot entrance driveway.
  4. Go straight towards the big white tent.
  5. By the tent, QUICKLY drop all Scouts and equipment off there.
  6. Driver continues and parks the vehicle in the lot (approximately $20/day)
  7. When the driver rejoins the group, follow the walk on the Harbor Blvd. side of the white tent to the boarding area, approximately 352 feet.
  8. The dock from which we load is located between the Fire Station and the Maritime Museum. These docks do not show up in Google maps or Google Earth
  9. Line up by troop along the rail at the first boarding gate.
  10. Wait patiently to be checked in by camp staff.
  11. Once checked, the troop will board the boat.
  12. Once a boat is near, or at capacity it will leave, and next boat will be loaded.
  13. Current check in time is 7:30 AM
  14. IF you are running late have a passenger call camp at 310-510-1795 and give your troop number and an ETA.

Additional Note: Lunch will be served in camp. Because of the new schedule you no longer need to bring your own lunch. “