Rugged ‘C’: As Rugged Canoers you will navigate an eight-person war canoe through ocean swells and breaking surf on a canoeing expedition around the island. You will explore some of Catalina’s hidden snorkeling spots and lead your team past magnificent palisades for stunning panoramic views.

Pack your dry bags, organize your crew and set out on the canoe expedition of a lifetime with Rugged Canoers.  Rugged Canoers is the ultimate in expedition education using the same ethics and leadership curriculum as Rugged Explorers but changing the scenery and the challenge. As Rugged Canoers you will navigate your crew’s eight-person war canoe through ocean swells and breaking surf, passing cliffs that are home to Bald Eagles and soar straight out of the ocean. You will stretch out on deserted beaches, get a good look at an endless horizon at Land’s End, and stop in or speed by the tourist destination of Avalon on your canoe expedition around Catalina Island.

In Rugged Canoers, you will be doing a lot more than canoeing; you will explore all Catalina’s famous snorkeling destinations and you will lead your crew on hiking trails to the island’s stunning panoramic views.  As you make the grand loop of Catalina Island, you will be crossing dolphin migration routes, and if you’re lucky, you may just drop your jaw in awe as thousands of dolphins surround your boat and delight your eyes with their natural acrobatics. Given the rugged nature of the Canoers expedition, it is important that all participants arrive in good physical condition. Your week around Catalina will be full of activities that are likely to tire even the strongest participant at some point. Be sure to prepare appropriately.  While most of the gear will be provided for your experience, there are many important personal items you must bring.  Please be sure to pay attention to the required and recommended items in the “What to Bring” section of this website.


Rugged Canoers is a physical and mental challenge designed for older Scouts. Participants will need to be able to canoe and hike for several hours at a time. While not quite as physically intensive as Rugged E, it is likely that everyone participating in Rugged Canoers will struggle at some point during their week. Often those who struggle the most gain the most from their experience. A moderate level of fitness is required of anyone wishing to participate in Rugged Canoers.

Age Requirements

Participants in Rugged Canoers must be 14 years old by the time they are in camp if they wish to participate.