Rugged ‘E’: As Rugged Explorers, you are challenged to experience a little bit of everything.  You will lead your crew up one of the highest peaks on Catalina Island, soar down hills on a unique mountain biking endeavor, cruise through crystal waters in a canoe, and spend starlit nights on beaches around the island.

 In Rugged Explorers, your adventure will start the moment you set foot on Catalina Island. Orientation and team-building activities begin your week as you and your fellow Explorers divide yourselves into boat crews. You will pour over maps and find your location and plan out the week’s activities. Your adventures will range from practicing route-finding techniques as you lead your crew to one of the highest peaks on Catalina Island, to flying downhill on our mountain bikes. You will kayak and you will cook. You will sleep under the stars. You will be rewarded with close friends and breathtaking scenery. You will explore your limits, and leadership’s limitless possibilities. At some point you will find yourself leader of the day. You will be assisted by our veteran staff to make decisions based on the Scout Oath and Law, whether that means putting together the logistics for your overnight war canoe trip to a deserted beach. Your ability to lead your peers will be honed using our ethical-decision making curriculum to accomplish the week’s activities.

Given the rugged nature of the Explorers program, it is important that all participants arrive in good physical condition.  Your week on Catalina will be full of activities that are likely to tire even the strongest participant at some point.  Be sure to prepare appropriately. There are many important personal items you must bring. Please be sure to pay attention to the required and recommended items in the “What to Bring” section of this website.


Rugged Explorers is a physical and mental challenge designed for older Scouts. Participants will need to be able to hike, bicycle, kayak, and canoe for several hours at a time. It is likely that everyone will struggle at some point during their week, and often those who struggle the most gain the most from their experience. A moderate level of fitness is required of anyone wishing to participate in Rugged Explorers.

Age Requirement

Participants in Rugged Explorers must be 14 years old by the time they are participating in the program.