Senior Patrol Leader Program

Senior Patrol Leader Program

“A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm” ~Henrik Ibsen

Experience has shown that troops with the most qualified and capable SPL’s have the best experiences at Emerald Bay. To ensure that your unit makes the most of your experience here, we invite you to send your Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and one buddy to camp three days early to participate in the Emerald Bay SPL Training. This program will help your SPL to effectively lead your unit through camp, and to develop skills that improve the functioning of the troop the rest of the year.

Our SPL Program is divided into two parts: preparation for camp and leadership training. We prepare the program participants by letting them experience all the activities that will be available to their troop, from a Friday night campfire to an afternoon on the archery range. They will learn how to take full advantage of the week at Emerald Bay by scheduling troop activities like kayaking trips, mountain biking, and barbecues on the beach. They will be able to guide your troop from their first step off the dock to their departure a week later, and well into the weeks following camp.

The second focus of our SPL Program is on developing the SPLs as youth leaders. Over the course of a weekend, they will be given lessons on various leadership-related subjects, ranging from the traits of a leader to the importance of having values, and then they will have the opportunity to demonstrate their new knowledge in circumstances engineered by the director of the SPL Program. The SPLs will have all the necessary training to be an effective leader during their week here at Emerald Bay and will also be prepared for future leadership training such as NYLT.

One of the cornerstones of this program is the individualized attention that the program provides for the youth leaders.  Even after the troop arrives, our staff will provide feedback and support to SPL program participants to ensure they are successfully applying the lessons they learned during the training.  SPLs will develop these valuable skills and impart them to the troop’s other youth leaders. And consider this — since the youth leaders will be running the troop, adult leaders and scoutmasters can relax and enjoy their week at Emerald Bay even more!


The Goals of the Senior Patrol Leader Training Program:

  • To give the SPL a thorough orientation to Emerald Bay, so that they can be a more effective leader and guide for the troop.
  • To help the SPL improve their leadership skills and maximize their use of the patrol method.
  • Improve the SPL’s ability to make ethical choices, thus enabling them to resolve conflicts and serve as a positive role model for the scouts in the troop.

Cost is only $200/participant, including all transportation, activities, accommodations and food.

If an adult is traveling with the Scouts for the SPL program, we welcome them to hang around camp and can participate in the activities, but we ask they remove themselves from the classroom portions. The cost for an adult to come with is $200. If you wish to have an adult accompany the Scouts please contact the [email protected].